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July 14th, 2009, 10:28 AM
... and finally asking instead of just surfing manuals online.


I'm building (in theory) a Mythbuntu Front/Backend and having just a few difficulties. I have been reading manuals and guides online since February while I work on this and have reinstalled about 20 times trying to get my setup all working. I would appreciate the time and patience of anyone who can get me up and running.

I'm using an M2A-VM motherboard with intregrated graphics, and a DVICO Dual Express and its getting a setup that works for both of these that is killing me. I'm a noob to linux, with my only experience being to setup a headless file server and don't know terminal commands. (I'm happy to use them but it takes me forever to figure out what they should be!)

Under 8.10 I could install and view all of the Mythbuntu, but it could not (no matter what I did) detect the TV tuners. I read that the drivers were embedded in 9.04 when it came out and so I have been installing 9.04 and 9.10 since then.
In 9.XX the installation goes smoothly, and if I startup and watch the boot script I can quite clearly see it is now finding and installing the TV tuners, but when the mythfrontend starts I have a black screen, with a greyish rectangle in the centre. Tapping on the keys I find that I am able to enter the frontend, but all I get is the highlighting of menu items as I scroll, not the text so I can't configure the mythbuntu at all.

I can bring up a 'run program' window which has allowed me to access the desktop and open terminals etc so I have tried installing new graphics drivers, changing resolutions and changing a bunch of stuff. Each time I end up screwing the settings so badly it is easier to re-install than go backwards.

Please if anyone can help I will gladly follow any bouncing ball to get to the end, and be most grateful.


http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=7614535 is a duplicate in case my problem is related to the Mythbuntu rather than the Ubuntu bits!