View Full Version : [ubuntu] XPS M1330 Install

July 11th, 2009, 07:55 PM
I was unable to locate the actual place for this thread, so it might get moved...

Installation of 64-bit 8.10 with immediate upgrade to 9.04 was a flawless install (didn't have a 9.04 install CD). Even the webcam was found, although to USE the webcam the only application I was able to find to make it "visible", as it were, is Cheese.

120GB HD
13" Display
Intel video with acceleration
SDHC Card reader
Intel Audio, with all connections functional
Blutooth module
Verizon Wireless internal mini PCI-e card (although I still don't have an application to connect to the Verizon network - will address this later.)

So far, I love this little notebook with this distro.