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July 11th, 2009, 05:39 PM
Game: Age of Mythology Gold (Titans expansion final version 1.03)
Install went great, after checking the DB. Single player and campaigns work wonderfully.
Game preforms better than Age of Empires II which came out years before.
Problem: Multiplayer.
I am unable to play multiplayer. The ESO server or whatever doesn't connect, but it doesn't on the windows install either, probbably closed the server. The real issue is LAN and IP.
I have Jaunty on this computer and i am unable to connect to a game hosted by Vista, vise-versa is also a no go. It says that we have incompatible versions, however there is no version after that of Gold. It is the final version. I only have 2 computers available, one linux, and one windows, so i can't even confirm that it works for vista.
The troubling part is that when the player attempts to connect to the hosted game, they appear in the list and then vanish, as though it can in fact be done.
I had him run as XP and still nothing.
i obviously run it using WINE, which means i have a no-cd fix. It never occured to me until this moment to have him apply the exe as well, possibly making our versions the same... if it works ill put a second comment to keep out the help.

July 12th, 2009, 03:50 PM
Turns out it was the No CD Fix.
He applied the fix as well and we were able to play a few LAN games with no problems.
Nice to play a multiplayer game, across platforms, that was never intended to do so.
Highly recommend Age of mythology gold for anyone wanting a decent RTS for cheap to play on Linux.
Close it up.