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July 10th, 2009, 05:27 AM
Hi to all,

I am absolutely new to Ubuntu, and want to buy a laptop in order to install it. I found a good offer but I am asking myself if the graphic card chipset will allow to accept Ubuntu.

The chipset is called Intel GM45 Express Chipset and I checked the driver support and found this:

Damn Small Linux* (2.4.26 Kernel, X.Free
DOS* Support (IBM PC 2000,* MS 6.22)
Fedora Core 5* (2.6.15 1.2054 kernel, X.org 7.0.0)
Fedora Core 6* (2.6.18 1.2798 and X.org 7.1)
Fedora Core 7* (2.6.21 1.3194 and X.org 7.2)
Novell Point of Sale* 9 SSP3 (2.6.5 kernel, X.Free86 4.3)
Red Flag Linux* (kernel 2.6.22, X.org 7.2, X server 1.3)
Red Hat Linux* (kernel 2.6.23, X.org 7.2, X server 1.3)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server* 10 SP1 ( 0.12 kernel, X.org 6.9)
Wind River Linux* (kernel 2.6.21, X.org 7.2, X server 1.3)

I'm very sorry, if my question is completely stupid. Would this chipset work with Ubuntu 9.04?

Many thanks

July 28th, 2009, 01:38 PM
Intel chipets are the safest options for notebooks.

You should be fine, the GM45 is very popular so if problems arise, they will get prompt attention.