View Full Version : [ubuntu] Crazy wireless mouse

July 10th, 2009, 12:59 AM
Im having some issues with my Wenger Daytona II Wireless mouse on ubuntu 9.04 where it will do some strange things.

In xChat (and have noticed in firefox off and on, and other random apps) when i mouse over the scroll bar it will automatically scroll back to the top as if i were holding the button down on the scroll bar.
In Gnome-Do when i mouse over an icon it will automatically bring that current window into focus.

None of these things occur when using the mouse keypad. I even changed out the batteries to make sure that it was not a low-battery issue. Does anyone know what can cause this, or what files i could look at in reguard to mouse emulation, its very annoying and using the touchpad isnt much better.

*if necessary i can record this to better show the issue.