View Full Version : [ubuntu] Toshiba Satelite Laptop boots into VGA monitor port

July 9th, 2009, 04:50 PM
Ok so when i first installed Ubuntu every thing was working fine but when i installed Nvidia drivers for my onboard video is when it started messing up. It only boots into the VGA port on my laptop and every time i turn it on i have to plug in a monitor and configure it to use my laptop screen. Im a total Noob at linux but i get the hang of things quick so any help will be appreciated.

Heres my specs
Toshiba Satelite 1955-S803
Ubuntu 9.04
2.5ghz P4 processor
1.25Gigs of ram
160gig HD
Nvidia Geforce4 440 Go running Nvidia driver set 96
Just message me or post here if you can help and let me know if i left anything important out -Undead