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July 9th, 2009, 01:53 AM
I did a complete upgrade from 8.10 32 bit (VERY old hardware) to a brand new i7 build on 8.10 64 bit (one app I use doesn't work under 9.04 64 bit yet, hence sticking with 8.10). After the install I moved over 90% of my settings/files/home/etc and almost everything works perfectly.

Only issue I have not yet been able to solve is that my keys do strange things, like having to type "' " to get one ' to appear (just pressing ' does nothing). After much google later I found this:


The table here:


Is EXACTLY what mine is doing... but only in GNOME apps, I have a couple KDE apps installed and they work fine.

I have NO idea how this got turned on, nor how to turn it off. Every search I've done has shown how to use it or activate it, but when I try to go in reverse I find none of those settings appear to be set to do this. No one on IRC (at the time) has been able to come up with any ideas either, so I'm hoping someone here knows of some setting I'm just not seeing.

Also want to thank a couple guys on the Ubuntu IRC room, they have been a big help in getting everything set up correctly, so thanks ActionParsnip, scunizi, adam7, and a few others whos names I cannot remember.