View Full Version : [ubuntu] Window mode going crazy

July 8th, 2009, 05:04 PM
Hey guys!

Hope someone out there can help me out, because i'm very confused about this...

The problem is this:

I'm playing WoW, as a lot of other people are, and recently I've changed to Ubuntu 8.10. Like many others I got extremely tired of Windows...

So, WoW is working in OpenGL and everything is fine, I thought.
Then I wanted to boost my FPS while playing, and read on the net that the FPS can improve by playing in Window mode, So I thought I'd give it a try...

This, however, seems to not work.
Turning on the Window mode in WoW makes my com make a window where WoW is played in, however, the picture/screen stands still, but the game keeps on playing. This i find very weird!

After turning on the window mode inside the game, the menu is still there, and it is possible to close it by pressing the esc button. By doing so in window mode and the play-screen is "frozen" I can hit my esc button twice (nothing happens it seems, as the screen is frozen, not even the mouse courser is displayed in the window), minimizing the window and opening it again and boom! the menu is gone, and now the screen is frozen but with a new "picture" there.

Dunno how else to discribe it.

I really hope anyone can help me out.

I've gotten the OpenGL working, followed How-To from the net (install how-to), DL the latest driver for my graphic card (ATI Mobility Radeon x1600), and its playing okay without the window mode.

Therfore I cannot understand this.

Please help a fellow Ubuntu user out guys!


Ofcourse, if you need to know something more, pls say so ...