View Full Version : [ubuntu] "apt-get --reinstall install foo" vs. "apt-get purge foo" + "apt-get install foo"

July 8th, 2009, 02:17 PM
Hello I have a weird problem with ubuntu jeos 8.04,

I am having a selfmade package with no conffile entries and no dependencies. This package is to be installed in /opt.

1.Now when I am trying to upgrade this single package with
apt-get --reinstall install foo, everything is working but the files are not copied into /opt, so the package is marked as installed but in fact is not really installed at all.

2.As a workaround I removed the package with apt-get purge foo and the installed int normally with apt-get install foo and it worked.

Due to already distributed virtual machines containing the apt-get --reinstall install foo line in cron, I have to find a way to make Option 1 working.

Any help is very apreciated! Greetings from Berlin!