View Full Version : [xubuntu] Keyboard not working during install

July 8th, 2009, 02:03 PM
Having read good things about Ubuntu and wishing to experiment with using it in education I thought I'd give Linux another try. In the past I have had a go at SUSE and Redhat, but gave up on both when things started to go wrong - and went back to Windows (sob!). I would love to use Linux - but my new experience means that I probably won't. The story is this:

I have an old laptop (Dell Latitude), which had XP on it, and which worked perfectly - if a little slowly - which I wiped and installed the latest downloaded distro of XUBUNTU. All was well until it came to the part where I had to put in my name and computer name etc. The radio buttons work fine - but the keyboard does not work at all. I have gone back and tried changing the keyboard for other variations - and I can always type in the little window provided - all characters, and as much as I want.

When I go forward again - the keyboard stops working and I can progress no farther. I have spent 3 hours so far trying to do this install - I am very frustrated. Having read through the forums, it would seem that this is not just my problem. Sadly - some answers given rely on using command line input - which always seems to be the way with Linux - back to the gobbledegook that I dislike and which reminds me of my CPM days back in the early 80's. I know, I know - it's me - but I would like to persevere - so can anyone help? The install will not finish - so I can't even start playing around with the dev etc.

BTW: I have tried putting XP back on - and it's fine - so it's not a physical thing.