View Full Version : [ubuntu] Video Chipset Compatibility/Performance Q's

July 8th, 2009, 01:34 AM
I'm looking into building a uATX based rig, just as a secondary computer to use as a Linux platform. I'll be running Ubuntu 64-Bit. I'm looking for a uATX MoBo currently with integrated graphics, just to keep things simple and keep the costs down. I'm not very familiar with integrated video chipsets (as I've been more into the performance gaming computer scene), so I don't know how something performs in comparison to something else.

The rig will be Dual Core, with 4gb of RAM. Whether the CPU is AMD or Intel depends on which MoBo I go with. The chipsets I'm looking at are:

ATI SB-700
GeForce 9400
GeForce 9300
Intel G45

I know nVidia is supposed to be the best for driver support. I want HDMI for sure, and DVI on top of that would be nice as well. I like my desktop effects, and I want it to be capable of HD playback; it will also be used as a HTPC (more of a secondary function). So I'm just not sure which I should go for; the ATI chipset is the cheapest MoBo on my list, while the GeForce 9400 is the most expensive. Thanks in advance.