View Full Version : [ubuntu] Lack of sound?

July 8th, 2009, 01:05 AM
Hi guys, I've got a VIA VT1708B, 8-CH High-Definition Audio CODEC on board sound chip, now if I go to the system->sound utility and choose TEST it'll only make a sound under OSS, now I now some people have trouble with pulseaudio, is there a way to revert all my sound to OSS so I actually have sound?
I've tried upgrading my ALSA and changing my pulseaudio settings to no avail so I figure that would be the best thing to do?
Any suggestions?

My setup is an ASUS p5kpl-AM with a C2D 6500, nvidia 8800 GTS, 2GB ram and I'm using a CMEDIA 9738 (I -think- thats the right model, I don't really use it unless I'm in windows, and yes I've set the onboard sound as default in pulseaudio, though I don't get anysound out of this card either but neither seems to be muted).
I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 x64
I also notice Ubuntu says the sound chip is an Intel (gives the right model though) but ASUS say it's a VIA?