View Full Version : [ubuntu] Picasa camera detection is not working

July 6th, 2009, 07:45 PM
Has anyone had any trouble getting picasa to recogize their digital camera? I recently switched to Ubuntu x64 (from Vista). When I plug my camera in (Nikon D60), it's giving me the option to import my photo's using F-Spot. When I try to manually go into Picasa and use the import feature, my camera does not show up as a device. I searched around but couldn't seem to find anyone with a similar issue. F-Spot works fine, but I would perfer to have a single application for photo management.

Another thing I noticed when trying to import photo's from my digital camera is the delay between plugging my device in, and Ubuntu actually detecting it. There seems to be a good minute delay between hooking up the device and actually being able to see the pictures on it. I can't imagine this is normal, and perhaps it's related to the other issue above. Is there any advice anyone can give me?

Some information about my system:

OS - Ubuntu 9.04 x64 - Januty Jackalope
ASUS - Maximus Fomula
CPU - Intel Q6600
Memory - 4GB Corsair PC6400
HDD 1 - WD 74GB Raptor - EXT3 - Mounted at "\" (there is a boot and swap partition as well on this HDD)
HDD 2 - WD 160GB - EXT3 - Mounted at "\home"

Camera - Nikon D60

I'm at work right now, but will be home in a few hours to try anything you can suggest. Please let me know if there is any other information I can provide.