View Full Version : [ubuntu] pls help ubuntu 8.04 latitude d630 overheating problems?

July 6th, 2009, 03:11 PM
I seem to have problems with ubuntu 8.04 on my latitude d630 overheating.

This happens with _no_ nvidia driver. It freezes/crashes and requires hot restart. Actually seems _better_ with nvidia driver 185.18.14. I thought it was better with acpi=off but not sure.

My only hints are:

[ 4426.121328] NVRM: Xid (0001:00): 6, PE0001

with Nvidia driver installed and:

[ 81.761541] gnome-power-man[7259]: segfault at 0 rip 41141a rsp 7fff9b6539c0 error 4

from gnome power manager. Thank you


July 6th, 2009, 04:57 PM
open a terminal and type:

sudo apt-get install computertemp

after that right click a panel, click add to panel and select computer temperature monitor.

That way you can monitor the temperature set an alarm etc.

*If it's not there, reboot, It will be there after
**(Don't know if maybe it also appears by restarting gdm)

If you don't get any output on the computertemp-sensor, install libsensors4 & lm-sensors as well.
after that run

sudo sensors-detect

I suggest you clean out the fan, and monitor your temperature

July 9th, 2009, 09:39 AM
Thanks am trying this out. Not happy about overheating issues.