View Full Version : Happy thank god something else is in the news besides Jacko Day!

July 4th, 2009, 10:14 AM
Its nice to see something other then Mr. Jackson is the headline today. He wasnt the King of Pop, he was the King of Journalists Media Darlings. I was THE target age during his rising, and he was hot on the waveride of MTV, when they used to play music. MTV was the voice of our generation with religious people all sorts of pissed off as they now had a new and powerful focal point for kids that was not their religious dogma, so of course this made MTV "evil". MTV music videos put a face and an atmosphere to music. The consequence was increased idolatry ( read media hype). Jacko cashed in at the right time. Along for the waveride was corporate marketing departments. They were throwing money at what MTV dictated was "cool", so now musicians were in commercials all the more; contributing to the idol worship. Now the mainstream media is trying desperately to cash in on his death. The other day the number of morners at Neverland was getting close to a million; yea right.

Im glad kids today live in a state of "fractured music" (note the negative connotation), due to mp3s. Kids can now think and decide more for themselves. The media doesnt like this because they dont have MTV to tell them whose coattails to jump on and now they actually have to look for a story. So, here is to cranky journalists and the good old days of writing about whoever MTV felt like pushing on us. Now get out from behind your computers and do some real reporting.

Bungo Pony
July 4th, 2009, 01:03 PM
Regardless of what you think about MJs music, Thriller was one hell of a good album for it's time. Nobody has duplicated it. The Dangerous album was pretty good too IMO. When the child abuse stuff started, it affected MJs music, not only with his songwriting, but his public perception. The History album had huge promotion, but the only song I remember from it was "Scream". And the Invincible album? Bargain bin filler.

But as for him being the King of Pop before 1993, I can agree with that. He had great music, cool videos, and he had some unique and original dance moves. At least he was talented, interesting to watch, and had catchy tunes unlike the trash that's coming out today.

July 4th, 2009, 01:07 PM
Personally I like the John Stuart approach: