View Full Version : [ubuntu] iBook Dual USB doesn't let me change resolutions.

July 3rd, 2009, 04:02 PM
Grr, I've been working on this ALL DAY, and still haven't fixed it. I can't edit the xorg.conf file! I do "gksudo gedit /ect/X11/xorg.conf"

It opens up in gEdit. I can edit it perfectly, and then when I go to save it- it seems to do nothing. It's really annoying! I've tried rebooting, nothing. I tried doing the thing where it recreates the xorg.conf file. I HAVE TO CHANGE MY RESOLUTION TO USE UBUNTU! It's taking up about 55% of my screen, when it should take up 100%! It's at 800x600 (it should be 1024x768 ) right now, and it looks like the regular, default Ubuntu desktop. The screen is in the top left corner. There's about a 1 CM line (it's orange under the part that's being displayed, and grey everywhere else)
The screen gets repeated below that.