View Full Version : [ubuntu] 5.1 Sound using Line in from another computer

July 2nd, 2009, 09:21 AM
Greetings to everyone!

We all know that getting 5.1 systems to work under Ubuntu 9.04 is a little bit problematic nevertheless I solved it, and now I have 5.1 sound when I playback something from the computer, however I have the following situation:

I have a PC with 5.1 speakers and a Notebook, to which the projector is connected. I watch films from the Notebook, but the speakers suck, so what I want, is to connect the Notebook to the PC, using a simple 3.5 mm Jack cable, thus transferring the sound from notebook to PC. Using the jack cable, I plugged one end at the Line out of the Notebook, and the other goes into the PC Line in. I am using a Sound Blaster Live 5.1 good old fashioned simple card, bought seven years ago.

The problem is:

I do get sound, when I use this, but only on 2 channels out of 6.
I know that jack is only capable of carrying stereo signals, but my question is, is it possible to extend or somehow amplify this stereo signal so it would sound on all 6 channels?
Note, that ticking: Sigmatel 4-Speaker Audio tick in my settings partially solves the problem, since this extends the stereo signal to the centre speaker and the sub. However I am still two channels short. The rear speakers do not work.

Under Windows I remember I used a freeware software, which allowed me to graphically change the soundcard's channels by simply connecting lines to certain outputs. If memory serves well the project is called KX Project.

Note that connecting the PC to the Projector is out of the question.

Is what I am requesting possible? If so how can I achieve it?
Thanks in advance.