View Full Version : [ubuntu] UNDER time pressure: How to make a DVD including a menu?

July 2nd, 2009, 08:23 AM
Hello people,

I've got a whole list of .mpg files (digitised old 8mm film) and some mp3's. Today at 3 o clock (about 6 hours from now) I have to have finished a DVD with all these mpg movies, the mp3's as background music, and a nice menu to select the movies.

I had a quick look and I think I can fix that by using qDVDauthor to create an iso with all the movies and music, after which I need to burn it using brasero. In order to save time I just wanted to confirm that I can use qDVDauthor for this purpose so that I don't start using the program for something it can't do.

So the question is; Can I use qDVDauthor for this purpose, or do I need to do it differently?