View Full Version : Video capture question.

July 2nd, 2009, 12:31 AM
OK I just have a question here... I really would like to build a mythbox.. (my little project with my old computer went very well)

So now I would like to build a nettop to be able to hook up to the LCD Tv.. I've found a really great starting point with some stuff from newegg.com but I am wondering if it is even really worth it since Comcast is my cable provider, I mean I probably can't record live tv anyway without their DVR right because of their copy protection? And is the copy protection only for the cable companies? Really the only live TV I would record would be football games that come on so I could watch them later on or the next day if I have to work.. But I also like to keep the better games so I can watch them later on as well. I mean as it is for your personal use I don't get it....

Oops sorry I thought I had posted this in another area of the forum! I meant to post it in the video and multimedia portion..