View Full Version : [ubuntu] wvdial, Gnome PPP

July 1st, 2009, 01:27 AM
Ok, here is the question, I have done some research, but I am unsure of the answer. I have a customer, one I built a computer for, and installed and configured Ubuntu on. She told me that she was getting high speed, DSL, Cable internet, but recently found out that DSL was unavailable in her area, and Cable cost too much. When she told me that she was using DSL, when I was building the computer, I deleted Gnome PPP through add/remove programs. From my reasearch, I know that Gnome PPP is a graphical program that uses wvdial to access and use a ppp modem. I tried to install the gnome PPP package from the web site, but the file is damaged in some way. I just recently found the name of the program wvdial, so I did not test it at the location. However the modem is configured, and detected using another program. My question is, when i removed gnome PPP did it also remove wvdial, or are they two seperate programs, and not determinate with each other, meaning, wvdial needs gnome ppp to work, and vice versa.
When she gets the information for dial up internet, (user name, password, phone number), can wvdial be used, and then she will be able to get and install gnome ppp, to dial in in future?
until she gets high speed hopefully some time in the future.