View Full Version : [ubuntu] changing the partition from boot to home

June 30th, 2009, 01:37 PM
i started using Ubuntu three months back. somehow after lot of instabilities, it was stable. but three days back it crashed when i left the comp on when i went away for a while, and when i was back the numlock and caps lock were blinking. after restarting it was error 17 and grub could not be loaded. i reinstalled with live cd and in Gparted, realised that root and home were corrupted. (i have no clue why this has to happen???)

well, today i reinstalled. i preferred following partitions:

1 other system utility tool (4GB)
2 root folder (10GB)
3 home folder (21GB)
4 extra partition (28GB)
5 another empty space (5GB)- which i may use to store my previous data

i made misake and made number '3' partition '/boot' instead of '/home'.is there any way i can change this. as i have all my data in '4' and have made changes in ubuntu installation, which i suppose is fully installed on 2-root folder, including '/home' which i wanted seperate with little more space, so i can keep my vb file there.

is there any way out to change /boot to /home? i dont mind home data getting deleted, but my installed softwares will be too much of pain to reinstall, almost a day...

thanks in advance.