View Full Version : [ubuntu] Repositary problem in UK?

June 30th, 2009, 11:55 AM
I've just reinstalled 9.04 and don't seem to be able to find everything in Synaptic, like Audacity and the Nodoka theme.

I've tried different repositary mirrors, UK and US, with the same result, and there are about 25% 'failed' (names beginning translation-en-GB) reloading of files from these repositories, instead of 'done', if that explains anything.

Is this a known problem being sorted or can I do anything simple to put it right? I even ran a different copy of the live CD, a Canonical one, with the same results, so it's not a corruption thing.

I use Vodafone Mobile Broadband, and I considered that its current problem with tar.gz files from some sites might be related, but I've downloaded some stuff and updates without a problem so maybe not?