View Full Version : City of heroes - bad installation?

June 29th, 2009, 10:41 PM
Ok, so I decided to try that 14 day trial. I had to get it from a torrent site, because the official one stopped downloading at 1.2GB. The torrented one worked fine, except for one thing. The download, applying, and verification are complete, but when I run the updater, it shows me the screen, saying next, below the verify all files button. I press next, then the whole thing freezes. I tried running CoHUpdater(something).exe -project coh and it showed the loading bar, then these errors came up saying they couldn't find some files, but I downloaded the whole thing fine, and patched. Then, at the end of all the errors, it says bad installation. But my installation went fine! Wine didn't help, so I need some suggestions.