View Full Version : [ubuntu] Low audio outpu, Fujitsu c2210

June 29th, 2009, 07:45 PM
Hi! I've never owned a laptop in my life and yesterday someone gave me a Fujitsu c2210 Lifebook. My Ubuntu experience has been with an old Mac G4 desktop so there's not too much commonality there.

I was able to install Jaunty with no difficulty.

Anyway, I know that laptops, Ubuntu, and audio volume issues seem to be pretty common, and the problem I'm having is that the laptop's built-in speakers are so quiet I can hardly hear them. The line out volume volume is low, too. Alsamixer levels are up. I tried switching various options to pulseaudio but no difference in volume. It doesn't make any difference which audio app I use; low volume across the board.

Is there something obvious I should look at first? I did use the F9/Fn combo to make sure the volume was at max but it didn't make any difference, although I could see the slider moving in the popup window.


Update: I read the first few pages of the sticky at the top of the page on audio issues and nothing in it helped. However, there are over a hundred pages there; nobody can possible go through that much! It looks like audio problems are very common with Ubuntu indeed.

The audio comes from an ALi 5451 chipset. It shows up when I type aplay -l.


I can't find any info on this problem in this machine so regretfully I'm getting an original Windows installation disk from Fujitsu. I was surprised by how cheap it was. Maybe the laptop will have the same problem with M$ blood. :D I hope not, as the main thing I wanted to use it for was as an mp3 server for the various stereos in our house. It's really a shame that Ubuntu has so many audio problems - there are literally hundreds of threads and thousands of google results on it.