View Full Version : [ubuntu] G Thumb transfer from camera

June 29th, 2009, 06:05 AM

I have been searching long and hard for a good photo organiser programme, as I have around 5000 photos in iPhoto that I now want to manage in Linux.

I initially tried F Spot, but didn't like the complex way it handled tagging to organise the photos. I really just want ti download photos from my camera and add them to a simple folder structure on my hard drive.

I'm amazed there is so little mention anywhere of Gthumb, It is a great little programme and does almost all I need to do.

One question though, when I use the uploading tool in Gthumb, how do I specify a folder for it to download the files into. I seem to be able to choose a folder, but it then creates a sub folder that I don't want, in a format that's like today's date.