View Full Version : [ubuntu] all in wonder on 9.04

June 28th, 2009, 10:48 PM
I have a PCI-E ATI All in Wonder 2006 edition that 8.10 classified as a Radeon X1300 and it worked well under 8.10 Now that I'm running 9.04, I am forced to use the mesa drivers even though ATI/AMD is still supporting the card (it's apparently not been moved to "legacy" drivers yet) every time I try to install ATI's drivers my computer POSTs, and then I see a garbled image that I can barely make out as the ubuntu splash screen and freezes right there. Also, no video card is showing up under hardware detection Any help getting me using the latest drivers installed on my system? I've been searching for hours and am just exasperated with searching at this point