View Full Version : [ubuntu] TV Tuner Problem - Negative color images

June 28th, 2009, 06:55 AM
I am experiencing a problem with my TV tuner - ViXS PureTV-U 48B0 (NTSC/ATSC Combo) that came with my HP computer. All the images appear to be a negative of the colors they should be - reds are green and greens are red or pink. Skin tones are green, leaves are pink. When I do a diagnostic test of the tuner I get a message that the digital signal is too weak. I get reception of all the channels, but the color is totally wrong. It has worked fine in the past. I had a technician from Verizon who fixed my phone and DSL service, but in the process moved some furniture where my computer was set up and pulled some of the wires, one being the coaxial cable attached to my computers tuner. The cable broke but the technicial fixed it. Then, a few days later, I tested my TV on the computer and discovered this problem. The color was wrong and the picture was too long vertically, cutting off the top and possibly the bottom of the image. I could not adjust it. I was also getting an "Out of Frequency" message that moved around the screen every time I tried to watch a TV channel. I since changed monitors and bought a new coaxial cable, but the color problem still remains. No more error message and the image seems to be the correct size on the screen. My cable is connected to the wall outlet via a splitter that bypasses my DTA box from Comcast.

I cannot find anyone else with this problem. I contacted my cable company, HP, and Verizon but have not found a resolution to my problem.