View Full Version : [ubuntu] Canon Ixus 95IS and Stopmotion?

June 27th, 2009, 03:17 PM

We got our son a Canon Ixus 95IS for his birthday because he's keen on photography and also wants to make stop motion animations (canons work with the junior version of Stop Motion Pro, the commercial leader)

We're running Ibex and want to get Stopmotion working using the Ixus.

So far I've managed to get an eye toy usb working as a webcam under XawTV but since then XawTV has stopped working altogether (won't run). I can get Stopmotion to see the eyetoy but it shows a mutiplied image with green tearing, etc. I think this is a common issue but I've not found a solution.

As far as trying to get the Ixus running, Ibex sees it and runs up F-Spot OK but I've got no idea how to get it into web cam or DV mode or get stopmotion to see it.

lsusb shows Bus 004 Device 003: ID 04a9:31c4 Canon, Inc.

vgrabbj -s /dev/video0

gets stuck in a loop reporting
There was no map allocated to be freed...
Error while closing /dev/video0

but I wouldn't expect it to show anything as the camera isn't in camera mode (lens cover won't open, it's just waiting to tranfer files in usb storage mode).

Bit stuck as to where to go from here and haven't got lots of time to search for an answer as we've got a kids' animation party tomorrow so the pressure's on! Hope someone can help.



Paul (ICB)