View Full Version : Anybody have a HP G60 series laptop with or had LCD problems?

June 25th, 2009, 08:37 PM
Just asking...

We have a HP G60 series laptop (it's a G60-120US) and the LCD has a crack on it. The lid was closed and it was OK, then it was opened later and there was a large crack running across the bottom left corner of the LCD. There was no excess pressure/force applied, the laptop was not dropped, it was just on a table.

I have a theory that the hinge design might put excess pressure on the display module. I have found many other people with this problem (though with a HP G60-235DX, it's the same design just with different processor/graphics/RAM)

I'm just seeing if there's anyone else, because we're going to compile some evidence and take it to PC World and demand they either fix it or give us a refund... They say it was accidental damage and not covered under the warranty :(.