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June 24th, 2009, 03:13 PM
Firstly I would not recommend following this how too, instead I would recommend:

Loading Synaptic (need to install in kubuntu)
go file -> Save Markings as
Tick the box marked "save full state, not just changes"
Save the list of installed files in a safe place not on your root partition
Re install the latest version of k/x/ubuntu with out wiping home
install or run synaptic
Load saved state and click apply to reinstall all your old programs

Now Maybe you can't download all your packages again if your stuck on a low connection in which case I suggest backing up the contents of "/var/cache/apt/" then reinstalling as above but before loading your saved state restore the backed up version of "/var/cache/apt/" I have not tested this method on a version of ubuntu since about 2005 so probably best to go to a friend's house with a good connection.

So failing those methods if you are sure you still want to try to move your root partition then read on. I have not tried this method since around version 8.04 maybe even 7.10 so no Guarantees

First back up files encase it fails
Repartition and create new root partition the same size as original
copy root to new partition with "dd"
load boot cd and chroot into moved root partition
run grub-install from chrooted root partition
edit fstab on new root partition
edit /boot/grub/menu.lst on new root partition
reboot and hope
If all worked out now is the time to resize the new partition using the boot cd

If this works for you please contribute to this thread and fill in any gaps....