View Full Version : Logitech USB Mic w/ Ventrilo

June 23rd, 2009, 04:05 PM
Ubuntu 9.0.4
Wine 1.2.3 (I believe - just updated yesterday so whatever the latest version is)

I know that my Logitech USB microphone works in Ubuntu, because it records sound in sound recorder. However, I cannot find where to register this piece of hardware in Wine. I have tried to go into the configuration but just can't quite get it to recognize my microphone. I have read many other topics about this but none of them are quite getting at the issue Im having.

My main goal is to get Ventrilo to work with Ubuntu. I've already got Ventrilo working fine (as long as I open it through terminal). I just can't get it to recognize my microphone.

ANY help would be greatly apprecaited. Thanks.