View Full Version : [ubuntu] Plz tell me the write way

June 22nd, 2009, 05:05 PM
hey guys i have ubuntu 9.04 installed on my computer ,its installed on sda2 while i made sda1 as /boot partions and ubuntu everytime mount sda1 as /boot partions and that partion (sda1) contain all the needed files for ubuntu boot (kernal+initrd.img) ,in addition to grub files, and with that grub is installed on hd0 (mbr i mean), all i want to do is installing fedora as dual boot with ubuntu 9.04 , is there away to let me install fedora without touching my mbr and make fedora put its kernel and boot files configuration in /boot partions that i made like ubuntu did?????
i dont know if what i think is right or wrong for this thread i was thinking to chose sda1 as /boot for fedora too like i chosed it (sda1) as /boot for ubuntu but im afraid that it will erase ubuntu boot stuff (kernel and initrd.img)
and if i did that and that went well with no problem what about grub that exist in /boot too will it change ??? to fedora one or what ????????????????

im waiting for someone to help me i know its confusing but i hope that i can finish what i want to do