View Full Version : [kubuntu] dist-upgrade killed my KDE ... again

June 22nd, 2009, 08:06 AM
My most recent dist-upgrade has entirely disabled my Kubuntu 9.04 system ... once again. On previous occasions (3 in the last 2 months), I didn't have any time to wait for solutions, so I immediately re-installed Kubuntu from scratch and then retrieved my backups. This time I really need to know (1) what causes this really awkward situation and (2) how to recover from it without re-installing from scratch, which simply is no option for me anymore.

Facts :
1. I did a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade (or on previous occasions simply an apt-get upgrade), in the usual way. This time including a kernel upgrade.
2. After reboot, I don't get KDE anymore. I can see some unreadable graphical rubbish on my screen and that's it (I can slightly recognize a nuked version of the Kubuntu logo).
3. The Linux console still works.

Remark : the previous times, I had this phenomenom after simple apt-get upgrades.

Questions :
1. Why does this keep happening ? I had 3 similar situations since using Kubuntu 9.04.
2. How do I recover from this - if possible - with limited knowledge of the console ?
3. How do I avoid this from happening in the future ?

My system :
Dell Optiplex 760 ; 4GB mem ; graphics card ATI Radeon HD2400Pro
Kubuntu 9.04 - KDE 4.2 (I guess, can't see that anymore).