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June 21st, 2009, 08:04 AM
hello erery body
i have a problem booting iso cd when it starts

when i choose any opinion i have an errer msg

1/0 error
error reading boot cd]

i had tried to make the md5 sum and its ok

i dont know where is the problem

plz help me

June 21st, 2009, 08:06 AM
also i burned the cd with slow speed

June 21st, 2009, 08:10 AM
Check the specifications of your cd/dvd to make sure that the blank you are using is compatible with your cd/dvd. For example a 16X DVD-R will not work with my laptop.

June 21st, 2009, 08:19 AM
thank u 4 replay friend

i have 2 cd drivers
samsung & LG
i tried both and the problem still :S
some friends told me that LG & SAMSUNG r not compatible with linux !!
but i dont think so

June 21st, 2009, 09:02 AM
The make of your dvd drive doesn't matter with regard to what is actually ON the dvd

June 21st, 2009, 09:04 AM
thank u 4 replay
so where is the problem !!!
im tired trying solve it :(

help me plz

June 21st, 2009, 09:25 AM
Did you burn the iso as image , or just copied it to the cd?

You must burn the iso as an image,

June 21st, 2009, 09:28 AM
Did you burn the iso as image , or just copied it to the cd?

You must burn the iso as an image,
yeah sure i did it

and the problem still :confused:

June 21st, 2009, 07:28 PM
I had a similar problem last night. After downloading 9.04 and burning the .iso to a Cdrom it came back on boot missing the kernel for some reason and wouldn't load.

I had to re-download the .iso fro a different server. Tossed the old Cdrom out and re-burned. Success!!! At least with installation. Other wrinkles to iron out. Then the system crashed.

IMO stay away from ext4 for now. Doesn't seem stable enough for average users yet and tonite I'll retry with ext3.

Hope this helps a bit...

June 21st, 2009, 07:42 PM
thank u 4 replay friend
so the problem is from the copies
aha i tried 2 download it from 2 different servers
and the problem still
so what i have to do
waiting :(

June 22nd, 2009, 01:12 PM
still waiting the experts