View Full Version : [ubuntu] stop window greying in compiz for debugging

June 19th, 2009, 03:44 AM
Hi, I am looking to prevent the greying out of non-responding windows in compiz. First let me say that am debugging a graphics program so it is not responding because it is stopped at a break point in gdb. I'd like to use the "features" of compiz because it has a handy-dandy refresh ability for the window that I've drawn into even though program can't refresh its own window because I'm debugging it. I have some useful routines that I call within gdb that draw things that are useful in the debugging process, but that doesn't work to well without the auto-refresh that compiz seems to provide.

I've increased the ping delay to the max, which makes it last longer before becoming grey but debugging is a slow process. If I could just increase the ping delay to infinity or the equivalent, it would do everything that I want. I can't seem to find any setting in the Advanced Desktop Effects Settings that will do it.

Thanks in advance.