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June 18th, 2009, 02:39 AM
Hey all. I don't mean to double post, as I have already placed this query in the "Installation and Upgrades" section, but I thought it might be more relevant, and therefore garner more attention, over here. Here is a two-day collection of posts from my other thread. You can tell when they break off with the "Help much appreciated" stuff.

Hey everyone!

Well, I recently freed up about 8 gigs of space on my laptop so I can play all my good Steam stuff on Linux. I had also recently learned that I installed the wrong version of Ubuntu the first time around, as it seems my good ol' lappy has AMD64 architecture.

So, I ran the Ubuntu AMD 64 live Cd, and overwrote my previous partition as well as the newly freed space. However, when I restarted the computer, (and after logging in, with the log in screen displaying perfectly), I was greeted with a screen that was completely black, save for the lone mouse cursor.

Anyway to fix this to make it display the ordinary Ubuntu screen?

Help greatly appreciated!

It seems like this is something that needs to be solved in shell prompt in recovery mode (if I have the terminology correct).

Is this right, and if so, what commands do I use? From what it seems, installing the proper Nvidia drivers should solve the problem, bit I can't get past the black screen to get the internet working.

Mind you, I HAD installed Ubuntu once before on this very same computer. It was 32-bit, which I realized was a mistake. At the same time, however, I didn't have to go through this the last time.

Once again, help much appreciated.

Well, after uninstalling GNOME and instead installing KDE as one google result said to do, I tried to log in to Kubuntu (still AMD64) and I was no longer greeted by a blank screen with a mouse pointer. Instead, I am greeted by a series of process notes, such as "Starting network connection manager NetworkManager" and so on.

However, it seems to freeze after a pair of twin messages that say "Advanced Power Management level to 0xfe (254). The only difference between the two is that the first says "sda" and the other says "sdb" above their respective messages.

Oh! This is new. After about 10 minutes hanging there, the computer switches display to two orange stars, both on the upper left corner of the screen, though one orange asterisk sits about five RETURNs under the other, still sticking closely to the left side of the screen.

So, what now, folks? I'm in desperate need of some help, and I truly hope there's some mighty Linux user out there up for the challenge.