View Full Version : [ubuntu] Hibernate in 9.04 running under Windows

June 16th, 2009, 11:39 PM
I have been trying to get started using some type of Unix for some time. I finally decided that Ubuntu 9.04 would be the time. The problem is that I have a Windows laptop and I want to use hibernate. Finally, I found it stated in the "Ubuntu Pocket Guide & Reference" by Keir Thomas that hibernate does not work under the Windows install and it is suggested to use VMWare if re-partitioning is not desired at this time. I have tried this and when I want to hibernate, I go to the Windows side and hibernate as I did before. When I want to come out of hibernate, I press the power button as before and I can go into The VMWare Ubuntu or use Windows as before. This guide is a great help and I think I can now proceed with Ubuntu familiarization. Thanks for your hard work and everybodys suggestions!!