View Full Version : [ubuntu] Avidemux: Maximizing for multicore?

June 16th, 2009, 03:03 PM

I did some testing of video encoding with Avidemux naively in Jaunty compared to natively in win7.

I have found that encoding in Jaunty the best I can do is get one of my four cores to process at full capacity but in win7 all four cores get in the mix and the result is video encoding is happening twice as fast in win7.

How can I get avidemux in jaunty to utilized more of my cores and processing power?

In win I am using GOMEncoder but it won't run in wine.

Both Jaunty and win7 are 64Bit
intelQ9650 - 8G RAM - Asus PK5

Thanks for any help

Would also love yo know how to get multiple cores working more efficiently in virtualbox. It seems to only use one core at a time as well.