View Full Version : [ubuntu] Dual Boot installation trouble w/ 2 drives, Dell

June 16th, 2009, 11:02 AM
Hi there-
I really have trouble with the installation of the OS. I am able to go through the entire installation process. But whatever option I choose at the partition step, it simply won't work. I have tried it a dozen times!

I want to install the system on my empty 40 GB Maxtor HDD on an active partition of 19 GB. I am running XPSP3 on an other drive from partition C:. No matter if I choose the manually partition option or install on entire drive, I never get any effect. The istallation runs, it shuts down and whenever XP has booted and I am looking for my drives, there's nothing there. How come?

I have a pretty regular pc, I guess, the Dell machine is from 2004, here's what Everest told me:

Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
DirectX (DirectX 9.0c)
OS Service Pack Service Pack 3

Anschlüsse (COM und LPT)
Kommunikationsanschluss (COM1)
Anschlüsse (COM und LPT)
ECP-Druckeranschluss (LPT1)
Arbeitsspeicher 1536 MB (DDR SDRAM)
BIOS Typ Phoenix (08/26/04)
CPU Typ Intel Pentium 4, 2400 MHz (18 x 133)
Motherboard Chipsatz Intel Springdale i865PE
Motherboard Name Dell Dimension 4600

IDE Controller Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA
Storage Controllers IDE Controller Intel(R) 82801EB Ultra ATA
Storage Controllers
Festplatte Maxtor 2F040L0 (40 GB, 5400 RPM, Ultra-ATA/133)
Festplatte SAMSUNG HD103UJ (931 GB, IDE)
Optisches Laufwerk _NEC DVD_RW ND-3540A (DVD+R9:8x, DVD-R9:4x, DVD+RW:16x/8x, DVD-RW:16x/6x, DVD-ROM:16x, CD:48x/32x/48x DVD+RW/DVD-RW)
Optisches Laufwerk SAMSUNG DVD-ROM SD-616T (16x/48x DVD-ROM) S.M.A.R.T. Festplatten-Status OK

BIOS Eigenschaften:
Anbieter Dell Computer Corporation
Version A12 Freigabedatum 08/26/2004
Größe 512 KB
Bootunterstützung Floppy Disk, Hard Disk, CD-ROM, LS-120
Fähigkeiten Flash BIOS, Shadow BIOS, Selectable Boot, EDD, BBS Unterstützte Standards DMI, APM, ACPI, ESCD, PnP Erweiterungen PCI, AGP, USB

I am upset right now, and I'd appreciate any help as I am eager to learn about Linux and the ubuntu was the most likable linux OS I found out there. Hope somebody is able to help! Thank you!