View Full Version : Free WebHosting Needed and Comments Accepted

January 18th, 2006, 04:44 AM
I'm fairly new to Linux and Websites. REcently I've been interested at trying to make my own website and have learnt a little PHP. Now all I need is a place to experiment with all I've learnt.
What I'm asking is, Do any of you know any good free websites with free webhosting. I've looked around and stuck between Roxr and Trap17. Do any of you recommend these or any others.

Also, when I have the website, Will any of you teach me how to set it up and make it running.
Any help graeatly appreciated. I'm just asking for help to set up a webstie.

:h34r: Jaygo333 :h34r:

Fairly new to anything.PLEASE HELP.1?1