View Full Version : [ubuntu] Tag editing nightmare - please help!

June 16th, 2009, 04:00 AM
I spent over an hour trying to do one thing which I'm used to doing easily in Windows World, in which there are scads of freeware programs available which will edit almost as many media files and their tag information. That's why it surprised me to learn that Ubuntu has an issue with the MP3 codec, that Magna Carta of pirates, which ironically turns out to be copyrighted (harrrr, arrrrrr...)!

I've been to the Medibuntu site, and enabled the browsing and playing of MP3s in Ubuntu Jackalope, and they were easily imported into the Rhythmbox player in some kind of playlist form. It caused me much confusion and wasted time when I took advantage of the Rhythmbox tag editing capabilities for these playlists, thinking that I was editing the actual files (alright I just learned what a playlist is yesterday), but none of the changes which I made on tags there followed my actual files when they were transferred to my player devices, nor in my file browser when I got it set up for displaying such data. I got this notion, after downloading a few Ubuntu-supported tag editors, including EasyTag (which, interestingly enough, lists MP3 support in the Synaptic descripton) - my MP3's are greyed out in their browse windows - does anyone understand why this would be? Is there more setup which I need to do to make them readable on Ubuntu? Please help if you can, this is driving me nuts!

For others who are frustrated with the failure of Nautilus to display tag data for media files, I discovered a script fix for this last night, which somebody posted on this forum. It works great, and unlike Microsoft, which throws 100 ridiculously useless columns at you, this is limited to Title, Artist, and Album, but that's all I ever wanted to see. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=878683 If it helps you, that's great too!

June 17th, 2009, 04:35 AM

Yiyyyy! Please say something, even if it's to say this problem isn't known to happen on most computers, or that I'm stupid for for what I didn't read or figure out. I spent an hour trying to google the answer, and had a hard time finding anything informative on Linux tag editing (this is the multimedia forum, right?). The one thing I learned is that there is that Linux prefers the open-source format, OGG (isn't that a castle which Monty Python visited in their own quest for the Holy Grail?), but that would mean running almost everything through a conversion program - Ogggggg!!! Please tell me this doesn't have to be so!