View Full Version : [all variants] Kile + OkularPart : Kile Toolbar settings reset

June 16th, 2009, 01:05 AM
I am trying to use Embedded Okular in Kile. Okular is set as configuration for ViewPDF with folowing settings params

Library : okularpart
Library Class : OkularPart
Options : <empty>

Okular opens up, within Kile same as kpdf used to but, it resets all my toolbars to use "Text Alongside Icons". I prefer "Icons Only" & Kile is set to use it for all the Toolbars. I even tried doing same for OkularPart when it opens up & also main Okular application to "Icons Only" toolbar setting. But somehow "Icons Only" setting does not stick with OkularPart. Every-time I open it, my Okular & Kile toolbars are ruined with "Text Alongside Icon" setting, have to put them back in order. (very annoying after doing it few times)

Do I need to pass certain specific parameters when I open up okularpart within Kile?

I tried to switch-back to libkpdfpart, but gives me a nice little untraceble crash, natrually since Kile is now based on KDE4 but KPDF is KDE3, so that option is closed . (forever?)

It seems Okular will workout better as, I hope to have single embedded application with Kile for viewing PDF, DVI & PS.