View Full Version : [ubuntu] wine steam freeze

June 15th, 2009, 09:54 PM
I was installing wow and i accidentally started Counter strike 1.6 on steam (don't ask how i "accidentally" started it). So i clicked cancel and CS didnt start, and wow got installed and wow was workin.... hurray!

The day after i logged in to steam ( yes steam "works") i tried to start CS. The loading screen comes up ("preparing to start counter strike" or what it now sais) backround for CS comes up, but then it freezes. Sooooooooo i restart my computer, login to steam, and starting CS. This time the loading screen comes up,but after that the "steam-window" gets that grayscale thingy and freezes. I do test some more times but it didnt work.

So i tested to reinsall the whole OS with the same wine version (1.1.20). It still didn't work, and i dont know what to do plzzzz HELP!