View Full Version : [ubuntu] DVD/RW drive won't recognize DVDs

June 15th, 2009, 05:57 AM
I'm a complete novice regarding Ubuntu, having just switched from Windows XP Media Center Edition just a few days ago.

The transition to linux has gone pretty smoothly, with the exception of few things here or there, one of which is my DVD/RW drive. It won't recognize that there's even a DVD in the drive.

The drive reads and write CDs just fine, as I had to create a LiveCD for this installation. I also know it plays DVDs just fine, as I can remember playing one just fine a few days before my switch.

I've tried to install every DVD related package I could find, but haven't had any luck.

So this leads me to believe the problem lies with Ubuntu. As I said before, I'm a complete novice, so any advice that can be offered in plain speak would be certainly welcome.