View Full Version : [ubuntu] SWF converter for Linux/Ubuntu?

June 15th, 2009, 12:27 AM
Hi, I'm trying to convert Flash videos (not play them - I have swfdec-player for that; also, the converter has to be for SWF - not FLV!) to any format, preferably one my iPod can play. I've tried a lot of online converters, none of them support SWF, and the one that did encountered an unknown error. So far I haven't seen any converters for Linux, and don't tell me FFMPEG, since it encounters this error: [swf @ 0x878fac0]Compressed SWF format not supported
/home/matthew/Videos/377547_Sonic_Halo.swf: I/O error occurred
Usually that means that input file is truncated and/or corrupted.

Well I know the file's not corrupted, and it clearly states: "Compressed SWF format not supported". I downloaded the video http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/377547(Sonic Halo) on Newgrounds using Firefox's Tools -> Page Info (Ctrl-I)-> Media and then clicked on the only .swf file in the Embed category (it even said 'Sonic Halo'), Save As, then kept the default title. Now I just need some sort of converter, preferably a program, but I'll even take an online converter. Remember, NO FFMPEG!