View Full Version : [ubuntu] Problem upgrading to server 9.04

June 14th, 2009, 10:56 PM
I had 8.10 server installed. On top of that I had added a Gnome desktop using apt-get. All worked fine for several months. I chose the Synaptic 9.04 upgrade. The install went well (no errors) but on reboot I got a "bad file or directory" error. I tried reinstalling grub using a 9.04 server install CD I created. No changes there. In all cases, I could boot to the old kernel but networking was completely hosed. I then tried a full reinstall from the CD with manual partitioning. That gave me a "can't remove existing system files" error.
So on to a full install. That goes well with a few notes: I have hardware RAID 10 and trying to use LVM with that gives errors on the grub install. No big deal ... I don't need LVM. However, now adding any desktop causes the modified kernel to revert back to the "bad file or directory" error. e.g., installing gnome-desktop-environment does this. Since that install doesn't save the kernel, I end up starting over (I know, I can save it ...).

My immediate question is: Can I somehow install 9.04 server and add a desktop and get a usable kernel? All was fine here with 8.10 but now I'm stuck.

The second issue is a longer term note for someone to look at why the server upgrade via Synaptic fails.