View Full Version : Live CD Customisation

June 14th, 2009, 03:28 PM
I've customised a LiveCD based on Ubuntu 9.04 , to run a specific application that I have developed. Now i have very basic and limited knowledge of the Linux OS (but i'm learning) however there are a couple of things (Listed below) that I have not been able to get much progress over, any help in any of these topics will be really appreciated .

1. The CD does not have X-Windows installed , i.e. It works completely off the console. Now , as soon as the system boots, I want that it run a particular application automatically, instead of coming up with the 'ubuntu@ubuntu#' prompt.
2. I want the LiveCD to boot as root.
3. I want that the LiveCD contents be completely loaded into the RAM so that I can eject the CD and use the optical drive for any other use.

Please help me out