View Full Version : [ubuntu] 9.04 - Poor video performance + refresh rate/sync problem - ATi HD3850

June 14th, 2009, 02:56 PM
after struggling with Windows, I switched to Ubuntu for internet browsing, music, IM etc. but I can't comfortably use it because something's wrong with my video driver (I think).
My configuration is:

Core2Duo E6300 @2.8
2x1GB OCZ Platinum rev. 2 800mhz cl4
Asus P5K Pro MoBo
Linksys WMP54G
Creative X-Fi XtremeMusic
SATA WD 250GB drive (crappy, btw)

but I think the most important is:
Gainward Radeon HD3850 GPU
Samsung SyncMaster 920NW monitor

I'm using Ubuntu 9.04.
The problem is: Ubuntu can't recognize my monitor. I tried installing ATi driver from the official support site, but in result I didn't see any image on the screen so I had to re-install the system. I also tried manually editing file that contains monitor informations, but it didn't work either.

On Windows, however, everything works fine. I think that it also worked fine on x86 version of OS X Leopard, but back then I had X1950 Pro card. I bought the HD3850 hoping I'll get full driver support, but I can't even watch any movies due to poor performance and vertical sync problem (weird glitches on the screen).

Sorry if my post seems a bit chaotic, but I just woke up and wanted to post this when I still have some time.

Any help will be much appreciated

I have "ATI/AMD FGLRX proprietary driver" already installed.