View Full Version : [ubuntu] How to install LiveCD to USB?

June 14th, 2009, 02:06 PM
No, don't tell me there are thousands of links and tens of pages. There are, but they don't do the *right* thing.

1. USB Startup Disk Creator
Works, but produces exactly the same as the LiveCD.
I would want some customisation, like not having to input language, keyboard layout, etc.

2. liveusb - Install Live USB
Is what I want, but crashes repeatedly through a bug of mtools; already reported. For Jaunty it is out of order.

3. Portable Linux
Sounds almost as great, but wants an ISO, which I don't have, because I'm running off it. So I'd need two installs, one to run Ubuntu, and the LiveCD as .iso. Also, my USB-drive didn't show.

The last 2 are not on the LiveCD. I'd suggest to have one of them working for the next version; and put them on the LiveCD. If you think of it, these are very relevant assets on a LiveCD.

My question remains: Using LiveCD, how can I write its contents to a USB-drive, so that the drive doesn't ask keyboard, language, and what to do ('Try'/'Install'/..) whenever I boot; plus allowing me to install additional software in a persistent manner?