View Full Version : thin client and touch screen

June 14th, 2009, 03:37 AM
hi guys i just got a thin client with touchscreen
on ebay. The software on it is redhat
it came with passwords on it

so far I can get to bios no problem
then i got to the bash shell through the lilo boot loader and alt+f2
at the bash shell i reset the passwd but when i reboot into gui
i cant enter the password (keyboard dont work)
i cant figure out how to enter a password with touchscreen only
or get keyboard to work with gui

i want to install a new distro (ubuntu?)
that would half to be <32mb
if i remember even dsl linux was 50mb
or serve linux educational software and media to it.
if it could run vlc and Gcompris for my kid that would be perfect
any help would be appreciated
I may need to borrow a external usb cdrom
to get it to boot I cant figure out how to conect to it from this debian pc it does not have ssh any ideas?